Green xtra strong 20Mw weapon laser with constant on and remote pressure switch

The 20mW green laser sight is built on the state-of-the-art semiconductor laser technology and housed in impact-resistant solid aerospace-grade aluminum with durable finish.  Designed for the serious shooter, the green laser sight features a state-of-the-art 532nm laser module with an output approx.50~150 times brighter than traditional red laser sights, driven by an APC driver-circuit to provide a constant optical power output throughout the life of a battery, the laser passes through a top quality multi-coated optical glass lens for a noticeably sharper and smaller dot at farther distances.....the 532nm green laser diode that has a visible range of 50-100m in broad daylight and 2km at night. With the universal mounts and mounting tools included in the package, the laser sight can be installed on any firearms, be it rifle,  shotgun, pistol, and so on, and can be quickly and easily adjusted for windage and elevation. Powered by one CR123A battery that provides 4 hours continuous use.


Switch: Constant on/off & pressure
Wavelength: 532nm
Max Output: 20mW
Battery Type: CR123 Lithium Laser Range: 30meters ---2000 meters
Operating Lifetime: MTTF at 25º C>30.000
Laser Diode Operating Lifetime : greater than 8000 hours
Tube Diameter: 1 Inches(25.4mm)
Material: Aluminum
Pointing Accuracy: L5 mrad
Color: Black
Weight : 210grams

Package Included:

1 x laser sight
1 x rail mount
1 x figure 8 mount
1 x Tail Line Switch
1 x Immovable Switch
1 x Allen wrenches
1 x CR123Battery
1 x Double sided adhesive velcro mounting strip


Red weapon laser 5Mw with figure 8 mount Rail mount and remote pressure switch