Package DEAL Rail syetem for the R5 and LM

Package which includes:
1 Rail bolt on system for R5
1 Torch mount to bolt onto rail
1 L2 6V flashlight with xeno bulb
1 Remote pressure switch for flashlight
1 Holographic sight with 4 optical pics and with red and green illumination
1 Vertical foregrip with pressure switch slots and spare battery compartment
2 Normal CR123A batteries for use in flashlight.


Bolt on Rail system with for R5 and LM's Replaces front grip in 2min


M4 style Folding and colapsiable stock for R5 and Lm

Includes hinge, stock, cheakpiece, rubber recoil pad and locking wrench


Red Laser Round 5Mw boresighter for .223

Laser boresighter in a .223 round

Simply turn On and drop into the breach and the laser emits out of the barrle onto target to give you a zero for the sights.